2020 Events

Whiskey & Dust Events...wtf do we do here?

First and foremost, upfront and in your face...we’re a WHISKEY BAR! And not some swill-drinkin’ frat boy moonshine bullshit, but Actual Quality Whiskey. Real whiskey from real bottles poured by real bartenders. We pride ourselves on serving a wide selection of mid to high-end whiskies from around the world, all sampled and approved by our highly educated whiskey-loving members. Unless of course you’re a douche, then we have a lovely bottle of Screwball set aside just for you. Our beautifully decoupaged retro pin-up bar and lounge is open most of the time before, during and after the Burn (It’s the first thing to go up and the last to come down). So come by and have yourself an actual quality drink on the playa, it’s our pleasure to serve you.

Our second passion...Yoga. Because what goes better with whiskey than yoga? Hungover Downward Dog is the order of the day most mornings at Whiskey & Dust. Or just watch from the bar while sipping your Hair of the Dog, it’s your choice. We offer professional yoga instructors most mornings from 10:30 -11:30 am. Bring your matt, comfy clothes and water. Classes accessible to all levels.

Yes we do all kinds of other shit…Other Whiskey & Dust Classic Camp Events…

Monday Night WHISKY TASTING! AKA the Colorado Party...this is the Big One folks, the party they come from far and wide to attend...Bring your favorite bottle of fire water and a cup. Gift, share and taste the best whiskey your new playa friends have to offer. Single malt, bourbon, rye, and moonshine are all happily accepted. You worked hard to build this city, now it’s time to have a good stiff drink.

Whiskey Cinema
Monday-Saturday: Grab a blanket and come snuggle up on our comfy air mattresses and enjoy an awesome movie. Different movies every night!

Tuesday and Thursday 1-2pm. Has the hot dry desert been hard on your hands? Come get a Handjob! We’ll pamper your dingy digits with vinegar water, lotions, potions and polish. Bring clean socks, a towel and your favorite nail polish. If you forgot your socks, we have a bucket of clean fun socks to choose from.

Black Rock City 3rd annual Leg Wrestling Championship!
Wednesday at 4pm. Quickly becoming the most popular event on the playa! Come show your skills at our Open Invitational Inter-gender Leg Wrestling Spectacular. The winner receives an amazing handmade championship belt!

Last Night Whiskey Tasting!
Because what else are you going to do after Temple Burn but drown your sorrows in whiskey? Bring your favorite bottle of fire water and a cup. Gift, share and taste the best whiskey your new playa friends have to offer. Single malt, bourbon, rye, and moonshine are all happily accepted. Let’s drink a last toast to this city before it all burns to the ground.

But wait there's more!

Member-sponsored Events:

Tuesday & Thursday 7-10pm Introducing A-Bar!
Get your fancy-ass over here for a fine cocktail event in our fancy-ass new lounge. Be seated and waited on by our well-trained staff and enjoy a curated selection of vodka-based cocktails.

Tuesday 5-6pm 2nd Annual Black Rock Bourbon Derby!
Come show us your pony skills and compete in HippityHop races and the infamous Stick Horse Obstacle Course! Calling all Stallions and Mares, come prove your prowess and be rewarded with some mighty fine Whiskey. Prizes for Best in Show!

Wednesday 7-10pm 3rd Annual GOTH NITE!
The dark evening begins w/the Goth Choir singing the classics (join us if u dare) then ur favorite Goth Anthems played all nite while you drown your existential angst in cocktails so dark you’ll dye your hair black and change your name to Lilith. Wear black, like your soul. Goth dance lessons for the willing.

Wednesday 5:30-7pm Argentine Tango!
No partner or experience required. Guaranteed to make you look and feel more sexy in the default world. Advanced dancers welcome. This lesson will give you an introduction to the basics of Argentine Tango improvisation. Come and bring friends! Advanced and Intermediate dancers are welcome to support.

Friday 3-4pm Belly Dance!
Learn basic American Tribal Style (ATS) dance moves like the Basic Shimmy, Hip Bump/Pivot Bump, Egyptian, and Arabic.

Monday & Friday 1-2pm Low Flow & Floorwork Pole Dancing
This style of pole dancing involves movements from ground. No pole climbing/poses above the neck. High heels recommended. Explore methods of moving across the floor. Dance like a stripper!

Monday & Wednesday 4-5pm Chair Dance!
This type of dancing utilizes an ordinary folding chair so you can take your act on the road. Part acrobatic, part choreography but always chair-sexy. Guaranteed to make your audience squirm in theirs

Tuesday 6-7pm. Kilted Men Reading Poetry!
Come one come all to the soft manly art of wooing, as demonstrated by a selection of Whiskey and Dust menfolk. Poetry and sonnets read in the round by Kilt wearing speakers of the words from lovers and artist’s centuries dead. Soft lighting and reclining.

...and More to Come!